About Claude (in a nutshell)

Born February 21, 1981 in Detroit, Michigan. Claude Ball is a U.S. Navy Veteran, graduated from the University of Phoenix with a degree in Psychology. Besides being happily married with three beautiful daughters, Claude is an actor, writer, and a guest speaker. Since 2014, he has been speaking to the youth, hoping to make an impact on others in a positive way. In Fall of 2017, Claude published his first Book, an autobiographical inspiration, entitled SOUL Full of HEART. Currently, he is concentrating on his ultimate dream career in Acting.

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“Claude shares his haunting and raw story with sincere candor. His faith is truly inspiring. I honestly believe his journey of hope and grace can open many eyes and hearts.”
Kim Stephens, News Anchor

“When Claude speaks, the candor and sincerity of his testimony is so evident that audience is engaged and listening to every word.”
Karen Schmal, Kingsburg,CA

“Claude is an amazing speaker! His engaging personality and story inspires students to overcome the challenges they face”
Dr. Diana Tapia-Wright, Kingsburg,CA

“He has spoken to the confirmation teen students during a retreat, and he impressed them. It takes a lot to impress a teenager I can assure you.
Karen Mentlewski, Clovis,CA