Claude Ball was born on February 21st, 1981, in Detroit, Michigan; raised in poverty on the south side of Warren, MI.

Between the ages of six and eight, Claude was sexually abused by one of his uncles.

After being taken away to an orphanage straight from his third grade class, Claude was placed in-and-out of three foster homes.

By the age of 13, Claude experimented with drugs and alcohol and became sexually active.

Sooner than later he become a cocaine addict, and spent his teenage life in “Darkness.”

He has been robbed, beat-up, placed in jail (holding cells,) dropped out of school, used to steal, almost overdosing to death and came across many possibilities of being murdered.

Claude Ball finally woke up one day, started taking control of his life and wants to share it to the world!

Fun Facts:

  • Raised off of the famous 8 Mile  road, which is best known for the hit movie in 2002 starring American rapper Eminem.
  • Served our country honorably in the United States Navy (2002-2006)
    • Aviation Structural Mechanic and Plane Captain.
    • (OEF) Operation Enduring Freedom
    • (OIF) Operation Iraqi Freedom
  • Attended the“The Price is Right” show, The Armed Forces $1,000,000 Spectacular Show in 2003.
  • Portrayed as Jesus Christ in his church play “The Passion”. Claude was the same age as Jesus was – 33 years old.