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Feather Pay

FeatherPay is a payment platform that offers patients total flexibility in paying for their care, with access to multiple payment options and the ability to combine multiple payment types in a single transaction, all delivered in a simple user experience that works whether in person or remotely on any digital device. 

UX Strategy • Web Design & Development • Custom Illustrations 

Web Finance Direct

Web Finance Direct exists to provide streamlined solutions to dealers who lack the resources to implement, manage, and maintain their Finance & Insurance Departments, as well as augment the experience with dealerships where needed.

UX Strategy • Web Design & Development


rich&Regular is an online blog that specializes in educating & equipping people on a variety of financial topics. 

UX Strategy • Web Design • Online Education & E-Commerce

Noetic Justice

A mobile app designed to help African Americans find counselors that share their cultural background. A key feature of this app offers a quick touch point with a short questionnaire to diagnose the issue and, when available, a phone or video call.

UX Strategy •App Design • Visual Branding 

Most Recent Web Designs

Transparency moment--- it's hard to keep my portfolio up to date with my growing family & doing good work. So here's just a photo gallery of my most recent work! 

App Design

I have training in app design through CareerFoundry. You can check out examples of my app design in my portfolio.

Web Design

I have designed websites in Sketch, Adobe XD, and Figma. I am not a front-end developer, but I have built 30+ custom websites in WiX and Wordpress. Currently in a Webflow Masterclass to become a Webflow Expert. 


I have training in UX/UI through CareerFoundry. My experience is more on the UI side of UX/UI, where I have designed a range of products from websites, online learning platforms, to apps. 

Skills & Expertise

About Me

From a young age I enjoyed untangling cables and wires, which I later learned was a natural interest in solution driven problem solving. As a student at Auburn University studying design, I served as a youth pastor & worked as a bellman at a hotel. There I enjoyed the dual roles of designer & serving people, so I continued doing that as I started a career in ministry and freelanced as a graphic designer. 

Now, I am switching the two. I am pursuing a full time career in Product/UX design while freelancing as a servant of people. I have accepted that doing both will continue to be a part of who I am, and I hope to continue to grow in both areas. If you're looking for any digital design work, feel free to reach out to me through any of the social media platforms or email!

Still Not Convinced?

That's cool. I'm down for a second date if we need to. Or you can just look at more of my work by following the link below! 

Claude Ball

I am a Senior UX Designer in Atlanta, GA specializing in Visual & Web Design.

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